Senior Exam Schedule

Monday, June 1   8:05-9:20 English
    9:25-10:40   Math
Tuesday, June 2   8:05-9:20   Government
    9:25-10:40   Science
Wednesday, June 3   8:05-9:20   Behavioral Science, Spanish, German,
Civics, Consumer Economics, Nutrition and Wellness
    9:25-10:40   Ag Science, Accounting, Art, Speech, Drama, Parenting, Single Survival
Thursday, June 4   8:05-9:20   JROTC, any students who had conflicts from the previous day’s schedule
    9:25-10:40   Make-ups
Friday, June 5   1:30-2:30   Graduation Practice

Seniors who are required to take exams will come to school for the exam schedule and then leave the building. If they have more than one elective scheduled for the same exam period they will take one of the exams on Friday. Teachers will need to bring testing materials with students names attached to the cafeteria prior to testing. The following teachers will proctor senior exams; Mrs. Cole, Mr. Fackler, Mr. Rowe, Col. McBrayer, and Mrs. Harshfield.

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