Where Are They Now: Travis King


Name: Travis King

Where Are They Now: Graphic Packaging International – Kenton, Ohio

KHS Class of: 2009

Parents name(s): Tom King and Cheryl Sorgen

Higher Education: Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering – Purdue University

Job Description: Operations Manager – I report to the Plant Manager and am responsible for leading the production, engineering, maintenance, and continuous improvement departments. This includes safety/environment, personnel, quality, cost, and productivity. Responsible for driving strategy and vision for the sustained future success of the facility. Over 400 team members work in my areas of responsibility and I’ve been a part of multiple multi-million dollar projects.

Why do you do what you do? I love having different challenges every day and I love working with people. Manufacturing and engineering lets me do both of these as new problems and new opportunities come up on a daily basis and we get to work with people from all backgrounds and experiences to solve problems.

I’ve been able to travel all over the US as well as a trip to South Korea for work, which I love. After spending a few years out of the state working for a different manufacturer, it’s great to be working in a successful organization that’s important to the community that I grew up in as it employs around 700 people here in Kenton.

Words of Wisdom: It wasn’t too long ago that I was a student at Kenton Senior High School and I’ve learned a lot along the way. Some of my words of wisdom would be to pursue what you love to do and give it your best. Over my career, I’ve seen so many people with the opportunity to succeed but they throw it away due to a poor attitude, lack of effort, lack of dependability, or just lack of thinking before they act. Be a forward thinker and don’t dwell on the negatives of the past, think about your future and what you want out of it. How you respond to adversity says a lot about who you are as a person.

If you’re willing to work hard, be a team player, and push through problems, opportunities will come your way. Sometimes without you even seeking them. Success isn’t based on how much money you make per year, what your title is, or where you live. It’s about being the best YOU that you can be every day and enjoying what you do for a living.

I always keep a positive attitude and work hard and it’s worked for me so far. We all have bad days but I know that working hard, helping others, and fighting through problems today will make for a better tomorrow. The point of failure is when you give up. The successful don’t quit.

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