Where Are They Now: Lieutenant General John “Mike” Murray


Name:  General John (Mike) Murray

Where are you now:  Commanding General, US Army Futures Command, Austin, Texas.

KHS Class of 1978

Parents name(s): John and Janet Murray

Higher Education: Bachelor’s Degree (Commercial Marketing) from The Ohio State University and Master’s Degree (Strategic Studies) from the Army War College.

Job Description:  Plan, develop and acquire the concepts, organizational designs, and equipment future Soldiers will need to fight and win on a battlefield in the future (roughly 2026 – 2035).

Why do you do what you do?  I have stayed in the Army because of the opportunities it has provided, the chance to work with the best young people in America, and because I have enjoyed the sense of comradery and the privilege of being part of an institution that values selfless service.

Words of Wisdom:  Set high goals for yourself and keep options open.  Life will close a lot of doors on you over time – do not close them yourself.  Also, you matter where you are or where you live, stay involved in your community and make things just a little bit better for those around you.  And finally, always strive to learn something new – every day.

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