Students Explore STEM at Ohio State Lima


Ten Kenton High School female students were taking the next steps toward a successful future in STEM on Monday, March 11th at The Ohio State University at Lima. The day included four hands-on activities in the fields of life science, computer science, chemistry, and biology. The life science lab looked at different fossils found in Lima. Owl pellets were dissected during the biology lab while students investigated what type of animals owls eat. The use of jelly beans was the start of the computer science activity as students investigated how to write a computer program. Students were actively engaged in the chemistry lab mixing in beakers. Before beginning the day’s activities, students listened to guest speaker Dr. Jacinta Eickholt, MD, about her academic career which began at OSU in Lima. Toward the end of the day, the young ladies were able to hear from three women who are currently enrolled at OSU in Lima in STEM fields. Juniors Bailie Clark, Libby Kearns, Madison Adams, Emily Pistorova, Riley Hershberger, and Hannah Holland were in attendance along with sophomores Samantha Unger, Laney Harpel, Aubrey Hedges, and Abigail Anglemyer. These students were chosen because of their interest in STEM fields. The KHS students absolutely enjoyed the events for the day and left with a free OSU STEM T-shirt.

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