Where Are They Now: Derek D. Snider

Name: Derek D. Snider

Where are you now? Account Officer with AgCredit, ACA in Kenton, Ohio

KHS Class of 2010

Parents Name- Dave and DeDe Snider

Higher Education- The Ohio State University-Class of 2013
Major- Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics
Minors- Entrepreneurship and Agricultural Communication

Job Description: As an account officer at AgCredit, I work with those involved in Production Agriculture by helping finance land, equipment, and operating expenses.  I meet and work with current and future AgCredit members and go over their financial information that pertains to their loan request. In reviewing their information, I analyze this loan request to see if it cash flows for their operation not only now but also down the road.  In doing so, I want to make sure that the individual and operation can handle the increased debt and still be successful and viable. I do not want to extend credit in the form of a loan to someone who will not be able to repay it and continue to successfully operate their farm. As an account officer, I want you to be successful and continue to grow your operation into the future.

Why do you do what you do? As someone who grew up on a family grain and livestock operation, I wanted to continue to be involved in the agricultural industry. I know how important agriculture is to myself and my family so I knew that helping others with their farming operation would be a good fit.  Not only do I help my members make sure that they are successful each year with their farm, but I also am still part of my family’s farm. It is great to be able to carry on conversations with my members about what we are experiencing on our farm and compare it to what they are seeing or going through as well.  Each weekday I get up and go to work to help fellow farmers with their financing needs then go home in the evening and work alongside my family on our own farm. I cannot think of anything else I would rather do and I truly enjoy doing it every day.

Words of Wisdom: My words of wisdom are to get involved in extracurricular activities in high school, college, as well as in your community.  I met some of my best friends in college by getting involved in clubs and events at Ohio State. They shared the same passions and interests as myself and we will still catch up as often as we are able to now that we are out in the real world.  I also believe getting involved in events and organizations in your community helps you connect with others who may be able to help you in a multitude of ways in the future. Getting involved is a great way to show that it’s not what you know but who you know.  Those connections are extremely important and I enjoy being involved and helping better our community through my involvement in those organizations

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