Care Team

KHS Care Team

Who: Jason Jones, Kevin Kapanka, Amy Kohl, Tira Lawrence, Shalie Logan, Jan Mustain

When: 7:15 A.M. on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month

Mission: The Care Team consists of school personnel who desire to work with struggling students to design an action plan for building emotionally and socially strong and successful students.

How to refer students:Complete the PINK referral form and return it to the guidance office. Place it in the Care Team envelope found on the chalk ledge near Mrs. Kohl’s door.

Criteria for referral:

  1. Written referral form (pink)

  2. Range of assets – 25% of assets on the pink referral sheet

  3. Not on track for graduation

  4. Sense of urgency

*Please remember if the student is in danger of harming self or others immediately refer him/her to the school counselors.

After referral:

  1. The Care Team determines whether or not to accept the referred student.

  2. If accepted, an advocate (Care Team member) will collect data from other staff members and present the data to the Care Team.

  3. The referring teacher will need to attend the Care Team meeting when the action plan is created for the student.

  4. The action plan will be put in place and a date will be set for evaluation.

Click Here for the Referral Form

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